Pro Bowl

AFC vs NFC was better.  The draft was terrible.  Dez Bryant first WR picked?  Are you kidding?  Also, I don’t know who to root for now (for the purposes of this blog we’re pretending I’m interested in the outcome of the game).  Since they split up AFC and NFC, which again was a terrible idea, Burfict and Green are on different teams.  I don’t like one of those players better than the other, so I really don’t care who wins.  I guess I’ll root for Team Rice, simply because Deion Sanders had the nerve to pick Dez Bryant over AJ Green.  Also, remember that guy Jason Donaldson?  Probably not, but the Reds got him in the same trade for Choo.


He’s not on the Reds anymore, he got a minor league deal with the Royals, but I just found out last night that he was on the US Olympic team in 2008.  They won the bronze medal, and he actually played really well.  He hit a home run in the bronze medal game and he led the team with a .381 batting average.  I do wish the Reds could’ve signed Grady Sizemore, but oh well.  I guess that’s all I’ve got.  I’ll make another post next time I have something to say.  That’ll probably be tomorrow, but it could be another year.


Opening Day

Hello everyone. Sorry bout this posts delay, I wanted to have it up on opening day, but I got sick, so blogging was the last thing on my mind, see? What a game, huh? I enjoyed myself, although it was a bit cold for my liking. The only time cold is good is when it’s snowing. And that’s that. Great performance by Cueto. He did his job. Didn’t make a bad pitch until Ianetta’s home run. How about Ianette? Who would’ve thought he would be the hero with Trout, Trumbo, Pujols, and Hamilton in his midst? Not I, I didn’t even remember he was on the team. Josh Hamilton got a nice little applause upon his entrance, and he deserved it too. I like him. I’d like him better if he was on the Rangers. For some reason, I just always like guys better when they stick with the same team. Dunno why, just do. As we mentioned the Rangers a few sentences ago, we must also mention Yu Darvish. 1 out away from a perfect game. I really hate it when that happens. Makes me feel bad for millionaires like Darvish who in no way deserve pity. He didn’t seem too upset by it though.

“I think my teammates were more disappointed than I was” -Yu Darvish

Darvish seems like a good sport and a good guy, and will from this point forward be known on this blog as Mr. Darvish. Not many people get that kind of honor around here, eh? Now then, back to the Reds. Why couldn’t they score? Beats me, they’re supposed to be able to. They’re a good scoring team, aren’t they? Yes they are. Or at least they will be tonight and for the rest of the season. Opening day? Not so much. Poor Ludwick. On opening day, and that must’ve been painful. Plus the Reds will miss him, gone for half the season. Lucky we got a mediocre player like Heisey to back him up right? I do like Heisey though, I’ve always had a good feeling about him. Every time I announce this feeling, however, Heisey goes and makes me look like and idiot. Mark my words, he’ll hit into 4 double plays tomorrow. But let’s not be pessimistic. That’s all for today, I’ll write more tomorrow, I think. Can’t ever make promises though.

March Madness Tourney Talk

Today is tomorrow, which means it is time for a new blog entry. As promised, today I will be writing all about the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. For starters, XU didn’t make the field of 68, which is a bummer. It’s ok, we still have UC to count on, right? Wrong. They lost. So did Georgetown, to Florida Gulf Coast University. I like them, I sure hope they win it all. Just think of it: a 15 seed winning the NCAA tournament. I guess that’s kind of a long shot, even if they did make it all the way to the sweet sixteen. Miami lost as well, by a lot, to Marquette, knocking Shane Larkin (I do hope I spelled his name right), Barry Larkin’s kid, out of the tournament. I was kind of rooting for them, I always liked the big SS. I really don’t have much to say on this topic. I guess I might be a little sour because of my horrible bracket. One of my final four teams (Georgetown) is already out. My winning team (Indiana) is losing to Syracuse as I type. Only half my final four teams, and half my finals teams at that, could possibly go to the elite 8. And Louisville still hasn’t played yet. I know I really shouldn’t be too worried about them losing, but every time I tell myself that, I think, I wasn’t worried about Georgetown losing to FGCU, was I? Brackets are so unpredictable, and really are a waste of time. I fill one out every year though, because the pool I enter is free to join, and the prizes you get if you’re lucky enough to win are truly fabulous. With that I end this post. Don’t know of the next one will be today or tomorrow, but it will be around then. But I don’t want to say “see you today!”, so I’m going to stick with the good old “see ya tomorrow”, even of I see ya earlier than that. See ya tomorrow.

I’m Back, and so is Baseball!

Hello everyone, it’s been a long time, too long, I think. Too long since I’ve written in this blog, and too long since baseball season. I know I’m excited for opening day, I’m going to the game. I really can’t wait to see the Reds play against good old Albert Pujols. Am I the only one who still thinks of that guy as a Cardinal? I mean I know he’s on the Angels, but to me, Pujols and Cardinal always seem to go together. Anyway, I really wish Aroldis Chapman was starting. I’m not going to go on a rant about how starters are important and closers are almost useless, but guess what. Starters are important and closers are almost useless. I saw ESPN’s NL Central preview, and it is Lame with a capital L. I think I’ll end this post here, but I’ll be back tomorrow (with some tourney talk). See ya.

It’s official, Choo is a Red!

Shin-Soo Choo is officially a Cincinnati Red.  The Reds traded Drew Stubbs and Didi Gregorius to the Indians for Jason Donald, (even though I think I called him Donaldson in “Reds to Trade for Shin-Soo Choo”) Shin-Soo Choo, and $3.5 million.  Obviously the main focus here is Choo, but first let’s talk about how Gregorius was immediately traded, along with brand new Indians teammates Tony Sipp and Lars Anderson, to Arizona for Matt Albers, Bryan Shaw, and the Diamondbacks’ top pitching prospect, Trevor Bauer.  Bauer, who was the third overall pick in the 2011 draft, was an option for the Reds who could have just given the D-Backs Gregorius, but Jocketty went with the lead off man.  I think I’m gonna side with Jocketty on this choice.  I know you can never have too much pitching, but you CAN have too little offense.  Also, people seem to be nervous about Choo’s capability of playing Center Field.

“We think he can make the transition.” -Walt Jocketty

Good enough for me.  Jocketty is a genius.  I would say he is the best non-Big-Red-Machine-era GM the Reds have had.  He has made some very good moves, and this is just another one of them.  But this time it’s different.  He’s going for it this time, not building for the future.  He’s in a different mind set.  He is ready to win the World Series.  And me?  I just can’t wait to see how Jocketty’s Reds turn out.

Reds to Trade for Shin-Soo Choo

The guys the Reds give:


The guys the Reds get:


Drew Stubbs and Didi Gregorius for Shin-Soo Choo and Jason Donaldson.  Sounds pretty good, huh?  They get rid of a strike out machine and a fielder who can’t hit, and in return get a lead off hitter and the guy who broke up Armando Galarraga’s shoulda-been-perfect-game.  Choo is the real focus here.  I like this trade for the Reds.  I think that it is perfect, since Billy Hamilton isn’t quite ready yet, but should be next year, by which time Choo will be in [UNKNOWN CITY].  And I am not at all worried about Choo not being able to play CF.  This guy is good.  Don’t question it.